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Invitation Wording Event The pirate's life for me! Buccaneer birthday parties are a preferred of hearty sea canines whether they be girls or even boys, young or old. An excellent pirate party invitation is essential to let all your swashbuckling buddies know they won't want to overlook your party. It's enjoyable to get creative and believe in pirate lingo whenever wording your invitations. Here are some of our favorites that will obtain guests in the mood:

Your own landlubber guests will love buccaneer invitations featuring things of a pirate's life: a Carribbean island, pirate eye areas, bare bones left on a abandoned island, peg leg sailing captains, pirate's gold as well as treasure chests, buccaneer boats, parrots, skull and mix bones, pirate costumes, or perhaps pirate treasure map invites. If you want your guests to arrive within costume, don't forget to add that info to your invitation. You can also offer pirate hats, eye sections or pirate earrings for the guests to wear to get within the spirit of a hale and also hearty time when buccaneers sailed the seas.

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