Sample Wedding Invitation Design


Sample Wedding Invitation Design. In fact, there are plenty of similarities between any Hindu wedding and a Sikh wedding ceremony. These marriage ceremonies nevertheless showcase the old traditions along with rituals that are several hundreds of years old, which certainly bring in even the foreigners from various nations. Even the Sikh Themed invitations reflect the old traditions of the religion.

It is reflected with the symbols and designs. The Sikh wedding cards often consists of symbols related to the Sikh religion, such as the Ek Onkar symbol, or the Khanda symbolic representation. The color of the wedding control cards also matters in Sikh wedding. Usually, saffron, lotion or golden colors tend to be preferred in this case. Sample Wedding Invitation Design Nowadays, actually different textures are available in order to render a complete different turn to the wedding cards. Distinctive functions accompanied with attractive colors the actual wedding cards look more inviting.

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