Silver Wedding Anniversary Invites


Silver Wedding Anniversary Invites This card will be dedicated to the girlfriends who else make our lives sweeter and can take a supporting role during these next adventures. We like the concept of sending these gorgeous cards to the special women and honor the wonderful many years of friendship spent together. This particular card is all set to proceed. Just change the name section of the template and print!

Because of the size of the file and also the strain of multiple downloading on our hosting company, the above document is hosted outside of Computer Invitation Kits. Rest assured the website is reputable and secure. Please choose the “Regular Download” option to get the files free of charge. Silver Wedding Anniversary Invites Thank you. Vellum is a slim translucent paper usually split over a design to make softer the look of the invitation. It possesses a romantic or airy high quality to an invitation, but avoid worry - it is nevertheless very durable! Because vellum is translucent it is usually linked on with ribbon however it can be adhered in different ways if you prefer.

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