Translucent Paper For Wedding Invitations


Translucent Paper For Wedding Invitations Elegant lilac vellum wrap square design and style features a decorative floral vellum jacket that wraps round the ecru invitation with lilac thin lined borders as well as comes with a double-faced cream silk bow pre-tied bow to keep the invitation together. We are beyond impressed with the honesty of this company and how these people value each and every customer. We received my wedding invitations and i also was dissapointed that a great portion of the order had been damaged. I was a pretty worried about it because I may shop online often in anxiety about having to deal with problems. When I approached the company I was a little surprised that they took it thus seriously and immediately attempted to fix the problem! I was so treated and impressed. It's excellent to know that there are still companies out there that care about their own reputation and value the business. They even negated the hassle by giving me additional envelopes. Everyone I interacted with was very pleasant as well. I haven't obtained customer service like that since... nicely EVER! They have made any loyal customer out of me personally and I'll be sure to suggest them to everyone! Thank you a lot!

The PAPER CONNECTION WACOL is family owned and also run by Tracey Retailers, who has been it's office manager since the store was opened up in 1994. She along with her staff have substantial product knowledge, and are pleased to help anyone with difficult demands. Translucent Paper For Wedding Invitations If a required stockitem is not really available, she will do the girl best to either obtain the product for you or suggest options. The Paper Connection materials an extensive range of services : general stationery/office supplies, color laser printing, black and white making, binding, laminating, rubber rubber stamps and of course our huge paper- and accessories stocks.

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